Bringing Africans Home

We are excited to bring these services to Ghanaian and Blacks in the diaspora. We believe that the development of Africa as a whole is highly dependent on the involvement of Africans living overseas. We are dedicated to making sure that upon your return to Ghana, you are properly situated and comfortable.

Who we are


Rest assured that whatever property you need in Ghana, we can provide assistance. We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in the United States called the GLIP Federation ( Our objective is to participate in Ghana's development by assisting Africans and the Pan-African community in the diaspora.

We are assist in the acquisition and development of land and property in Ghana and other African nations as well. We have great relationships with reputable Developers, Agents and Land Owners in Ghana and throughout Africa. We understand the concerns of the Ghanaian and the Pan-African living abroad. We are dedicated to providing the most professional services possible.

Nana Kofi Agyemang - Chief Director


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Client Relations

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